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Date and Application

The date and location of the event are determined at the time of validation of the quote offered to the customer.

If the date of the event is changed, Paris Miami Events cannot be held responsible for the costs incurred. If on the new date chosen, Paris Miami Events is not available, the contract will be canceled and the fee conditions for the cancellation of the contract will be applied. If the location of the event is changed, mileage charges may be added to the rate of this contract at a rate of 5$/miles.


Description of the Service


Paris Miami Events agrees to take charge of the implementation of the service(s) designated on the quote validated by the customer, namely:


Accompanying the client through the administrative process,

Advice to the customers for the development of the day,

Booking of the service providers designated on the estimate,

Planning and coordination of the event with the chosen providers.


Any additional service will result in the drafting of a new estimate incorporating the costs inherent in this new service and the management costs by Paris Miami Events.


Obligations of the Customer


The customer will facilitate access to information that Paris Miami Events may need. The customer agrees to accept and fulfill the special conditions of the selected participants and in particular to pay any bond or guarantee that may be necessary before the full payment of the amounts due.


The customer agrees not to intervene directly before, during and after the event, with suppliers, subcontractors, artists, staff and employees of the company Paris Miami Events.


Personal Data


Paris Miami Events agrees not to divulge any information provided by the customer, which will be held in confidence. Any information collected in the context of establishing the specifications may be communicated to business partners of Paris Miami Events who will be bound by the same rules of confidentiality. The data disclosed by the client will be kept by Paris Miami Events and/or its business partners for the time necessary to manage and process the file and will be archived for a reasonable period of time.


The customer has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him/her, which he/she can exercise by contacting :

Paris Miami Events

1680 Michigan Avenue

Miami Beach - 33139 FL


Rates and Payment Methods


The event planning and coordination service will be invoiced to the client at the price indicated on the quote, validated by the client's signature.


The prices as shown on the quote are indicated in us dollars and in euros and are payable exclusively in the currency inherent in the headquarters of the company Paris Miami Events. They correspond to the rates for the various services described and are valid only for those services on the date indicated. Prices are increased by taxes at the rate in effect on the date of billing. The fees charged for the service of Paris Miami Events are valid for the study of a reception in France (French Riviera) or in the United States (Miami- Beach, Miami Dade County and Broward County). In the case of a service outside of these geographical areas, travel and/or accommodation expenses will be charged in addition.


To be taken into account, any reservation of the service must be accompanied by the payment of a first deposit on the date of the signature of the contract of the chosen service and as indicated on the estimate. This first deposit amounts to 30% (thirty percent) of the total price of the service. The reservation is acquired after reception and effective cashing of the first installment. Following the collection of the first deposit, the client will receive an acknowledgement of the validation of the reservation of the service. In the absence of this effective payment of the first installment or in case of withdrawal of the customer following the payment of the first installment, the reservation is canceled automatically and Paris Miami Events is immediately released from all obligations to the Customer. In the latter case, the Customer may not claim reimbursement of amounts already paid and retained by Paris Miami Events as irreducible contractual compensation for termination of the contract.


Payments will be made by credit card or bank transfer.

In the case of a bank transfer, the communication to be used is "Name(s) of the client(s) + Date of the event".



The Client is responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that he or the participants may cause during the event. The Customer declares and guarantees that he/she has full legal capacity to enter into the contract and that he/she holds valid civil liability insurance.


To this end, the Customer agrees to waive and to have its insurers and/or any guest, if applicable, waive any recourse against the organizers in the event of any of the above events.

Paris Miami Events disclaims all liability for damage of any kind (theft, damage, etc.) to property of any kind (personal effects, equipment, etc.) brought by the Client or belonging to participants, regardless of where the property is stored (parking lot, trade shows, etc.).


Paris Miami Events will be relieved of any obligation in the event of an event of force majeure or fortuitous event (strike, fire, water damage ...). Under no circumstances can Paris Miami Events be held responsible for direct or indirect damages related to the execution of the service(s) provided by the provider(s) concerned, which is (are) solely responsible to the Customer.


If, after any termination of the contract, the Client should carry out or have carried out the event that would have been defined by the Organizer, a sum equal to 50% of the plagiarized project would be due to the Organization.




Cancellation by the Client: In the event of withdrawal, refusal or cancellation by the client, Paris Miami Events will be released from any obligation to the Client and the latter may not claim either the postponement of the event to another date, or the reimbursement of sums already paid and retained by Paris Miami Events as an irreducible contractual termination fee.


Cancellation by Paris Miami Events: In the event of cancellation by Paris Miami Events of one or more services to be provided to its Customer, Paris Miami Events has professional liability insurance. The company cannot be held responsible for delays in the organization due to force majeure events such as traffic accidents, human accidents, strikes, bad weather, revolts, demonstrations.


Paris Miami Events therefore strongly advises the Customer to contact his or her broker/agent and/or insurer in order to take out cancellation insurance for the event and the service(s) as stated in the quote.


Complaints and Disputes


Any dispute or claim can only be taken into consideration if it is made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent to Paris Miami Events within a maximum of eight days after the end of the event. In case of dispute relating to the validation and/or interpretation and/or validation of the contract will be submitted to the competent courts of the city where the headquarters of Paris Miami Events is located, namely Miami Beach.  


On the other hand, the Customer is responsible for the contractual relationship with the various service providers. Paris Miami Events cannot be held responsible for the failures of other providers.

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